Important tips to take care of your skin according to your skin type explains dermatologist

Different skin types react differently according to a different skin care regimen.  Using the wrong products without knowing your exact skin type could worsen acne, dryness, or other skin problems. A daily skin care routine can help to maintain skin health and improve skin concerns like acne, scarring, and dark spots.

Every day our skin undergoes an attack from damaging radicals that can break down skin elastin and natural supply of collagen and that can cause skin damage and premature aging. For the nourishment of the skin always use masks, the right nutrition, and moisturizers. It is very important to be aware of the ingredients you use on your skin according to the skin type. A healthy skin care regime can fight several skin problems and give you glowing skin. Start using basic skin care products then slowly and steadily you can add extra products such as exfoliants, masks, and spot treatments to boost your skin’s health. 

Tips to take care of your skincare according to different skin types:

- Wearing sunscreen is a must for overall skin health maintenance for all skin types. Wear sunscreen at least 30 SPF 15 minutes before heading outdoors. UV rays of sunlight can dry up your skin, cause wrinkles and dark patches. Use an oil-free sunscreen to avoid clogging skin pores.

- For dry skin, pat your skin gently while drying yourself up and use a humidifier to retain your skin’s natural moisture. 

- Moisturizer is good for every skin type but for oily skin, use a moisturizer that is lightweight, gel-based, and non-comedogenic, or doesn’t block your pores. For dry skin, use cream-based moisturizers.

- For combination skin type people, Always buy Oil-Free Products Whether it's sunscreen or makeup to avoid clogged pores.

- People with dry skin should avoid harsh products and always use cream-based face cleansers and at night, never go to bed without nourishing night cream or facial oil. 

- Choose a cleanser that doesn’t leave the skin tight after washing. If you have dry skin, Clean your face not more than twice a day and don’t wear makeup. Avoid washing if you get a squeaky-clean feeling because your skin’s natural oils are gone.

- Oily skin consists of more sebum that is the reason it is smoother in texture. Sebum reduces the appearance of wrinkles but it also leads to blackheads and whiteheads. Oily skin people should always cleanse two to three times daily and scrub on alternate days. Using an oil-free moisturizer is a must to normalize sebum production. 

- Stay hydrated all the time. If your skin is not hydrated, your skin gets dry and starts getting flaky. It can also lead to excess sebum production.

- Normal skin people should always use a cream-based cleanser, scrub, toner, and moisturizer. During the weather change, they are more prone to catching infections so drink lots of warm water to release all toxins from the body. Always use essential oils which have antibacterial properties.

- For combination skin type people, it is always good to exfoliate gently. It can remove necessary oils from your skin. At the time of exfoliation, don’t scrub your T-zone too much. Scrubbing too hard can damage your skin.


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