Follow home remedies to get beautiful and long nails

The perfect shape cannot be achieved without the cleanliness and strength of nails. If you are also troubled by your broken nails or their lifeless complexion, then leave the tension now. Through these Homemade Nail Care Tips, good care of nails can be done at home and you can get the desired shape. If you also want beautiful and long nails, then you need to take special care of them. But for this, there is no need to go to the parlor and spend money. You can get beautiful nails by doing some home remedies at home.

Take care of nails


If you keep nails big, then take care of their cleanliness not only on their shape. Before cutting nails, keep them in lukewarm water for 5 minutes. By doing this the nails are cut easily. Massage the nail pores with oil or cream, it helps in proper blood circulation.

Gelatin will give strength


If your nails are thin and break frequently, then their strength needs to be taken care of. Put two spoons of gelatin powder in hot water. You can also add lemon juice or a little milk and rose water to it. Put the nail in it and keep it.

Olive oil will get growth

Applying olive oil on the nails before sleeping at night makes the nails grow faster. Break one vitamin 'E' capsule in olive oil and mix it and dip your hands in it before sleeping and do this twice a week.

Orange juice

Take out the egg white in a bowl and squeeze 2 teaspoons of orange juice into it. Keep this solution on your nails for 5 minutes. It contains Vitamin C which forms the collagen which strengthens the nails.

Rub garlic on nails

Rub garlic on your nails for 10 minutes. With this, your nails will grow well in 10 days. You have to do this process every morning and evening.

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