Spring Has Sprung! How To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine

Finally, the temperature is rising! With the end of the miserable winter comes the beginning of Spring, which is still pleasant and not yet unbearably scorching like summer. Your skincare routine needs to adjust in light of the weather change. Creams that are thicker and more emollient will simply make you feel oily and sticky. There is assistance available if you need it to transition your skincare regimen. This is an introduction to doing it.

Switch moisturisers


It's time to stop if you're still applying a cold cream or a thick body lotion. "Switch your thick moisturiser for thin gel-based elements like hyaluronic acids or a water-based solution, since they will be lighter on the skin and get swiftly absorbed," advises Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta of ISAAC Luxe Clinic in New Delhi and Mumbai.


Increase Your Sunscreen Use

Let's first clarify that wearing sunscreen is not just for the summer; you must do so every day and reapply it after two hours. Up to SPF 30 sunscreen is acceptable to use throughout the winter, however Dr. Geetika suggests using SPF 50 sunscreen during the summer. Use a waterproof and sweatproof sunscreen if you want to go swimming or engage in any athletic activity. Yes, using sunscreen is essential if you're sitting inside near a window or a balcony.


Resuming your exfoliation regimen

Dr. Geetika adds that using chemical exfoliators to remove dead skin cells in the spring is totally safe. It is best to include glycolic acid and other AHAs in your programme. This will make your skin more supple and summer-ready. Use gentle physical scrubs rather than abrasive ones that contain salt or sugar as they might cause microtears in your skin. The use of retinol can also be continued, but it's vital to remember that it can only be used at night.

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