The Top 5 Korean Makeup Trends for Summer

We could all use a little freshness to spice up our beauty game this season with Korean makeup trends since we are now in the middle of summer. Look at these amazing Korean beauty trends that are creating waves, from a brand-new glow game to the most sought-after eyeshadow hues.


Metaphor Skin



You may be familiar with the term "glass skin," which refers to skin that is transparent-looking, glowing, and clear. To achieve this, the style places more of an emphasis on skincare. Although the brand-new "mirror skin" fad makes its debut in 2021, this skin trend is taking a backseat. The goal of mirror skin is to intensify your natural glow to the point where it nearly appears reflected; this will raise your bone structure and make it more visible to the eye. It helps to already have healthy, blemish-free skin to flaunt this style but it can be achieved with a little help from a dewy foundation or concealer too. Clean your skin with a cleansing oil to get skin that reflects light like a mirror. Use a moisturising face mist, skin essence, serum, and moisturiser thereafter. If you have any blemishes, take an extra step and dab a drop of your moisturiser or face oil with a tiny bit of dewy foundation only where you need coverage. The less makeup you use, the more radiant your skin will appear.


Purple eye makeup

Often, purple or pink eyeshadow is thought to provide a stronger cosmetic look. But, the popular eyeshadow colour this year is mauve, which makes your makeup appear incredibly adaptable. Mauve occupies an intermediate position and is a member of the purple and pink colour families, but because it also contains some grey tones, it has a more muted appearance. Since the '90s are making a comeback in 2021, this colour is quite grungy and reminiscent of that era.


Brownish-rosy tints

Fruity colours were extremely popular last season, thanks to one of the most well-liked Korean lip trends—popsicle-stained lips, which emphasised the juicy-bite appearance. This season, we're eschewing gradient lip designs in favour of fully coloured lips with a mild rose undertone. The preferred lip colour for 2021 is red with undertones of brown, and according to Korean beauty trends, you may also use similar dusty rose tones on your cheeks and eyelids.


Taupe eyeliner

One of the most overlooked makeup colours is taupe. This hue is now being promoted to be worn on its own, and the concept is downright brilliant. Normally this shade is seen to be a reliable transition shade for most complexion tones for creating a bold eye makeup look. You can create a simple smokey eye appearance with taupe on your lids that appears warm and worn-in. It works well to achieve delicate, romantic makeup looks and fits in nicely with the current grunge trend. This eyeshadow colour can be easily enhanced with glitter or worn unadorned for a more natural look.


Authentic Brows

Brows that are naturally brushed up and not perfectly lined and filled in are in. By only allowing you to rock your natural brows with a brushed effect, this style enables you to reduce the time you spend on grooming. This trend liberates every sort of brow style, whether your natural brows are thick or thin, dark or light, straight or arched. All you need to do to get this look is comb the strands upward using a spoolie brush. If necessary, fill in any gaps in your brows with sparse, hair-like strokes after brushing them with brow gel.

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