Five opulent fixative sprays that keep your makeup in place like a boss

We have a confession to make: we can never have enough cosmetics. Contrary to what many people believed when the epidemic first started, the fact that the beauty industry is still existing and flourishing shows that it is here to stay forever. 

The epidemic has undoubtedly brought about a wave of change in preferences and daily habits, changing the demand for many products. Use cosmetics fixing sprays as one example. With our masks on at all times, melting makeup—which is quite traumatizing—has grown to be a serious worry. What is the one product that can both seal and maskproof your makeup? sprays for setting. The market currently offers a wide variety of cosmetic fixing sprays, including matte, dewy, and shimmering finishes.

The Prep & Prime Fix+ by M.A.C.

This is the time-tested and well-known option. This spray locks in the makeup while delivering a healthy dose of nourishment to prevent any kind of dehydration, making it ideal to prepare and set your base.

PS: To lock your foundation with a strobing effect, select the version with shimmer.

The PoreFessional Super Setter Spray by Benefit Cosmetics

Pore issue? No issue. This highly mattifying setting spray will seal in your makeup for a longer-lasting wear while also blurring pores and pore size.

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Setting Spray for Airbrush

Who said supermodels and celebs were the only ones who used airbrushed makeup? By liberally misting this face spray all over your base, you can quickly and easily create that finish and flaunt that airbrushed look.

Beauty Elixir by Caudalie

Why should you try this wonderful product? One, it's finally arrived in India; two, top makeup artists like Hindash love it; and three (and most importantly), it evens out the complexion and gives it a healthy appearance by enhancing its glow.

Water-Based Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Do you desire a multipurpose spray? Purchase this. The water locks in your makeup while also hydrating your skin and providing a solid foundation base. Also, you can utilise this to increase the pigments' ability to produce colour, such as in eyeshadow, highlighter, and other products.

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