Eight occasions that Karisma Kapoor made us want to wear bright lips

Bollywood has given us many things, including songs, dancing, movies, and of course, our favourite movie stars. A few words can't do justice to all of its legendary qualities. But there's something incredibly unique about the classic Bollywood lady. If she was born in the 1990s, increase that figure by 10.


As a style icon and trend-setter unlike any other in the 1990s and now, Karisma Kapoor captivated audiences with her flexibility, beauty, and acting prowess—all of which are natural to her. As she celebrates 48 today, we went back to her social media to get some beauty ideas and discovered that she like wearing a strong lip.

KK looks lovely in pink as she matches the colour of her lips to the theme of her clothing. Because she wears very little makeup and allows her mouth take centre stage, the vivid magenta pink looks even more enticing.


Improve Tumblr (or Pinterest), if possible. When Karisma poses in her vanity, her outfit—which includes a matte red lip, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses, and 'em rollers—throws sass and glam around like confetti. I have to admit, she looks quite millennial.

Who says a cheerful environment cannot still be sombre? Lolo is setting new standards for bold and colourful lip colours by donning this adorable peach lacquer that is equal parts playful and subdued. Don't you feel very inspired to don a peachy pink outfit as well now?


Karisma adds a splash of colour to her monochromatic pantsuit with a colourful lips, making Fuschia pink look effortless, wearable, and universal. The cool-toned glossy lip looks ideal for a special occasion or function where you'd like to dress things up.

For this image, she used the hashtag #LoloLoves, and we'll use #WeLoveLolo. After all, she has provided an intriguing and notable dressing lesson here: all you need to complete a plain white kurta is a dramatic, deep berry lip colour. Are you with us in testing this ASAP?

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