All About Bakuchiol, the Most Trendy Ingredient in Skincare

If you follow Instagram skincare influencers, you've definitely heard about bakuchiol, a miraculous retinol substitute. What is it then? And why should it be a part of your daily routine?

Describe bakuchiol.

According to dermatologist Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, founder of the Yavana Aesthetics Clinic in Mumbai, "Bakuchiol is a plant-derived alternative of retinol and is found in the Babchi plant that is employed in our very own Ayurveda. “ Recently, it has been added to skincare products. Antioxidant bakuchiol is generated from plants. It differs from retinol in that it does not share any structural or molecular similarities with it and that it interacts with the skin in a different way. As a result, it cannot be categorised or identified as retinol. It performs comparable duties to retinol.

"Bakuchiol possesses qualities similar to those of retinol, and studies have shown that it can produce new collagen and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been demonstrated to lighten dark spots, balance up skin tone, and firm up skin.

How to Use  it :-

Child Earth Serum Blue Light Rescue, Bakuchiol Serum, and Absolut

Daughter Earth's blue light rescue serum enhances the tone of the skin while reducing age spots and discoloration.

82 E Bakuchiol Slip

This product will assist improve the natural texture of your skin and you'll notice benefits in two weeks thanks to the naturally occurring squalane and bakuchi seed oil.

Rosehip & Bakuchiol Skin Perfecting Oil by True Kind

This face oil improves the tone and elasticity of your skin by combining rosehip oil, omega-6, and bakuchiol.

Aminu Face Oil for Radiance

Contains 26+ regenerating components, including potent superfruit oils, ayurvedic herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and botanical extracts that support healthy-looking skin.

Wild sunset restore cream from Inde

The inde wild serum for evening has a blend of Amla and Saffron to help brighten the complexion as well as Squalane and Tripeptide Complex, which moisturise and give the skin an antioxidant boost.

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