What is a micro-current facial How its work and its Benefits

Microcurrent facials stimulate the skin and muscles of the face by delivering small electrical signals. A person can do this with an at-home device or receive professional treatments from a dermatologist.Some people report experiencing immediate results after microcurrent facials, including tighter skin and a more sculpted appearance. However, there is little scientific research proving that this treatment is effective or safe long term.

How do microcurrent facials work? 

Microcurrent devices work by delivering an electrical current to muscles and skin cells. The idea behind this is that the electrical current will build up muscles in the face, lifting and tightening the skin. Some companies also claim that microcurrent facials stimulate collagen production. At present, there are no studies that confirm this. However, anecdotal reports suggest that people can notice an immediate difference after sessions.

Benefits and effectiveness

Stimulate facial muscles One of the main benefits of microcurrent therapy is that it stimulatesTrusted Source facial muscles. Stimulating them may help the face look tighter and reduce the visible signs of aging. Improve blood circulation Electrical stimulation can improveTrusted Source blood flow to the skin. This may improve the health of skin cells, make the skin look healthier, or increase plumpness. Speed wound healing Some researchTrusted Source suggests that microcurrent stimulation may help promote wound healing. It may increase blood circulation to the area or reduce inflammation. This may help with chronic wounds and ulcers. It may also help with certain types of acne. Microcurrent stimulation may also offer other noncosmetic health benefits. For example, a 2019 studyTrusted Source found that daily self-administered microcurrent therapy could reduce facial pain from sinus congestion for up to 6 hours. It also reduced pain and congestion over 4 weeks of use. Side effects of microcurrent facials There is limited research on the potential side effects of microcurrent facials. Some of the effects people report include: •           tingling •           discomfort •           skin irritation or sensitivity •           skin dryness •           drowsiness •           dizziness •           facial twitching