Holi 2022 Skin Care Tips: 5 Skin Care Hacks to Adopt for Glowing Skin after Color Playing

Holi is quickly approaching. Though it is a magnificent festival of colours, the toxic chemicals utilised to create these colours may hurt your skin. Holi is an exhilarating and fun celebration in which people enjoy playing with colours. Your skin is exposed to colours, water, and the sun for a longer period of time, causing it to become dull and dry. Many people get allergic reactions as a result of such exposure. We at LatestLY have compiled a few skincare suggestions to ensure you have healthy and bright skin while you celebrate Holi 2022 with your favourite colours.

The skin should be moisturised.
Before you go out to have a completely carefree Holi, make sure you wash your face and use an SPF 50 moisturiser. On Holi, most of us neglect to use a good SPF lotion, which causes a lot of harm from staying outside in the sun.


Apply a few drops of olive oil to your face and neck and gently massage it in. Other sections of your body can benefit from the use of coconut oil. The oil will function as a barrier between the skin and the colors, making it easier to remove them afterward.


Keep your lips, eyes, and ears safe.
If you do not keep your skin adequately moisturized, the Holi colors can settle around your eyes, ears, and lips. As a result, use petroleum jelly in these locations with caution so that you don't come to regret it later.


Make use of a foamy face wash.
Because the colors used on Holi can be extremely strong, don't rub them off too vigorously. Use a foamy facial cleanser to remove the color. Lather for 30 seconds, then apply a cotton ball coated in coconut oil on your face for 5 minutes before washing with a foaming face cleanser.


Moisturize once more.
Because you've washed your face so many times to remove the colors, your skin may feel a little dry. As a result, it is critical to reapply a moisturizer after washing your face.
The majority of people experience post-Holi skin problems. Many times, the color does not fade, or if it does, the skin becomes dry. Try our Holi skincare suggestions for healthy, beautiful skin even after the holiday. Everyone had a Happy Holi 2022!


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