Do not do this work while applying nail polish, otherwise the nails will be bad

Nowadays women take care of their hands and nails along with their skin. Women use nail paints to make their nails beautiful. With the help of different nail polishes and nail art, women change the look of the whole hand with their nails.

But many times women make some mistakes in the process of applying nail polish. Due to this the nails get damaged. Let us know how to take care of nails.

Use of Nail Paint Remover 

Some women like to apply matching color nail paint to their outfits. In this case, nail paint remover is used to remove the old nail paint. If you use too much nail paint remover, it can damage your nails. Acetone is found in most nail paint removers, which can prove to be dangerous for the nails. That's why nail paint remover should not be used too much.

Applying nail polish every day

Women love to apply nail paints. But by applying nail paint every day, there is a lot of damage to the nails. Nails become weak by applying nail polish every day. In such a situation, nail polish should not be applied every day.

Base coat 

Many times women apply nail paint, not on top of the previously applied nail paint. This causes a lot of damage to the nail. New nail paint should not be applied to the previously applied nail paint. This damages the nails. Therefore, before applying the nail paint, the base should be applied.

Nail paint scrape 

After a few days of applying the nail paint, the nail polish starts coming off slowly. In such a situation, instead of removing nail polish, most women try to scrape it off. In this way, the nails get damaged. You should leave this habit or else the nails may become weak.

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