Remedies to whiten hands: Get fair hands like this with protection from hot sun in summer

Jul 17, 2021

Due to being in the hot sun often in summer, not only the face but also the skin of the hands and feet gets scorched. Due to this it turns black. Black hands start appearing like a stain in your personality. In such a situation, if some precautions are taken, then you can remove the blackness of hands at home and make them fair. That's why today we are telling you the remedies to make your hands fair (Fair Hand Tips).


Remedies for whitening hands:


  Remedies to whiten hands

  If your hands have turned black or tan due to the strong sunlight, then a mixture of raw potato and curd will be very beneficial. Mix the potato tightly in the curd and let it dry for some time on the blackened area of the hands. After this, wash your hands with cold water and apply some cream.

2 ways to whiten hands

 Aloe vera is also very effective in removing the blackness of hands. Mix lemon juice in aloe vera gel or pulp and apply on hands. After drying wash it off with normal water.

3 ways to whiten hands

 Cut the lemon in the middle and apply sugar to it and rub it on the blackened area of the hands while moving it in the circulation, then let it dry for some time. After that wash hands with normal water.

Remedies for whitening hands 4

 To whiten the hands, put turmeric, gram flour, and curd in a bowl and mix it and apply it to the dark areas of the hands. After this wash your hands with cold water and apply a moisturizer.


5 ways to whiten hands

 You have till date not only used banana and milk for health but also helps in cleaning the skin of the hands. Mash the banana in a bowl, then add milk to it and let it dry for some time on the tanning area of the hands. After drying, wash hands with lukewarm water and apply some moisturizer cream.