Health experts told that the right way of consumption, only 1 egg in breakfast can do wonders for health

Everyone is aware of how important breakfast is for healthy and healthy health. But what you eat for breakfast matters a lot. According to health experts, breakfast should be healthy and full of nutrition. Now the question comes to our mind that what should be eaten so that health becomes good. For this, you can have a better option boiled egg, because if you know the benefits of eating a boiled egg for breakfast, you will be surprised.

First, let's look at the elements found in eggs. Eggs contain protein, iron, vitamin A, B6, B12, folate, amino acids, phosphorus and selenium, essential unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, oleic acid), which are considered very important for a healthy body.

Helpful in balancing cholesterol

It also has a good effect on inflammation and the functioning of good cholesterol." Research also suggests that eating eggs does not affect your cholesterol levels in a negative way. Eggs are also a major source of essential nutrients. These proteins, Packed with Vitamin B, Iron, Healthy Fats, Vitamin A.
If you eat eggs by making an omelet in oil, then it can increase cholesterol in the body. This is the reason why it is right to eat breakfast after boiling eggs.

Egg gives protein

Like milk and meat, protein is obtained in large quantities from it, fat and minerals are also obtained from it. Apart from these, the body gets all the nutrients from eggs which lead to physical growth. It consists of 2 parts shell, 58 parts white, and the remaining yolk.

Beneficial to the brain

Antioxidants are present in eggs, which strengthens the retina. There is no risk of cataracts due to this. Choline is found in eggs, due to which memory is sharp and the brain remains active. Apart from this, vitamin B-12 present in eggs helps in removing tension.
If you include a boiled egg in your breakfast, then there will be no shortage of choline in your body and your mind will become sharp.

Beneficial for eyes

Eggs are beneficial for the eyes. Because carotenoids are found in abundance, which is essential for eye health. It strengthens the muscles of the eyes. Antioxidants are present in eggs, which strengthens the retina. There is no risk of cataracts due to this.
In some research, it has been found that egg is also beneficial for improving the quality of sperm in men.