These 8 asanas of yoga will be useful in pregnancy

Jul 19, 2021

Yoga during pregnancy, also known as prenatal yoga or prenatal yoga, keeps the mind of a pregnant woman calm. Before delivery, yoga experts and doctors have been emphasizing time and again that the problems of pregnancy can be overcome with simple exercises like walking and yoga. Pranayama should be included in the routine in all three quarters, as it gives relief from negative mental disorders like anger and stress. Here we are telling you some simple yoga postures that you can do during pregnancy too.

butterfly seat

This asana can be done from the third month of pregnancy. This brings flexibility to the body and also reduces discomfort during delivery. To do this asana, fold both the legs in front and join your feet. Make the posture of Namaste with both the feet. Crossing the fingers of both hands, grab the toes of the foot and hold your feet up and down.

hand panangastasana

Lie down on your back. Straighten your legs. Keep your body in one line. Keep your hands in T-position and palms down. Don't try too hard. Try to hold your toe with your right hand and come back. This asana strengthens the spine.


First stand on the knees, then while bending backward, slowly lie down on the back. Leaning the body backward, take the support of the elbows and after lying down, keep both the knees together. Keep the fingers of both your hands open on the chest. While practicing the asana, keep your breathing slow. This asana is beneficial in childbirth. It should not be done after the fourth month. Blood circulation remains correct by this asana.


First of all, stand up straight. After this, slowly try to bend your knees in the manner of sitting on the chair. While doing this mudra, lift both your hands upright in the posture of namaskar and move them upwards. By doing this asana, the flow of blood starts smoothly in the body and the bones of the spine are strengthened, which can avoid back pain or back pain during pregnancy.


To do this asana, you have to stand with your feet 24 inches apart. You can do this asana standing near a wall. After this, while inhaling, try to bend your right arm straight up and tilt it to the left. Then start exhaling while coming to the normal position. Similarly, repeat this process for the other side as well. By doing this asana, one gets rid of the problems in childbirth along with back pain.


By doing this asana, the spine, legs, neck get a light massage. Sit straight and spread your legs in front. While inhaling, raise your arms up to the shoulders. Keep the palm facing down. Now while exhaling, bend your body slightly from the side of the waist and bend your head and hands in the same direction. Don't let your knees bend. Now while inhaling come back to the original position and place your hands at the level of your shoulders parallel to each other. Repeat the same process on the other side.