Try it when nothing is there, these home remedies will give instant relief in ear pain

Usually, ear pain occurs due to an infection or a cold, but sometimes ear pain occurs due to some other reasons as well. The Eustachian tube runs from the middle of the ear to the back of the throat. The Eustachian tube produces fluid in the middle of the ear, when the fluid builds up due to blockage of the tube, pressure on the eardrum begins. This causes pain in the ear. If left untreated, the fluid can become infected and cause an ear infection, and this can make your earache worse. There are some health-related problems in our life, which suddenly surround us anytime and anywhere without any initial symptoms. One such problem is an earache. If this pain increases, then it turns into unbearable pain. If you also have a complaint of ear pain, then there is no need to tell how painful it is. Sometimes earache is complained of due to the accumulation of dirt inside the ear or due to some kind of infection.

Ear training In case of ear pain, you should not use earbuds at all. If you have severe pain in your ear, then compress the ear with a hot pad. You will find such pads on medical or online also. If hot pads are also not available, then take a large cotton hanky and heat the tawa on the gas. Now make several folds of Hanki, let it heat on a hot pan for a few seconds, and then compress it around the ear and around the throat. Do not do this exercise for more than 20 minutes. This will give you instant relief.

Benefits of massage If there is any ear drop in the house then the best thing is. If not, then you can massage around the ear and head. The rule of massaging is that instead of massaging the nerve which is causing pain, massage the other nearby nerves. If there is a pain in the back part of the ear, then while massaging, bring the hands down. If there is a pain in the front part of the ear, then while massaging, bring the hand towards the front.

Use of a cold pad is also beneficial It is not that only the use of hot pads gives relief in ear pain. Rather, the use of cold pads can also give you relief from this problem. Take ice cubes from the fridge at home and place them in poly and wrap them in a cotton cloth or towel. Now compress it on the area near the ear and under the ear for 20 minutes. You will benefit.