• keep your skin bright and smooth 
  • prevents acnes 
crush almonds and mixed with honey, lemon and milk; apply on your skin for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.
Do not apply anything on your face for next 12 hours for better result.  

  • remove dark circles 
  • reduce wrinkles and provides younger looking skin 
Apply almonds oil and massage it for 5 minutes; keep it on your face for 10 minutes.
wash it with cold water. Do not apply anything on your face for 5 hours at least after applying this remedy.  

  • Reduces hair fall
You can apply almond oil directly to your hair, rubbing a small amount in between your palms before applying it. If you’re looking to increase shine and softness, pay special attention to the ends of your hair. Massage the oil into the end of the hair shaft and leave the oil on your hair after styling it.